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According to the Vietnam aquaculture market report by IMARC Group, the market size reached 4 Million Tons in 2018. Aquaculture is defined as the raising, breeding and harvesting of aquatic organisms, including shellfish, fish and aquatic plants, in both inland and coastal areas. Vietnam currently represents one of the largest producers of aquaculture products worldwide. The country possesses a vast potential for aquaculture with a total water surface area of above 1.7 million hectares. Farmers in Vietnam perform wild fishing and fish farming on a large scale at the Red River Delta and the Mekong River Delta. Over the last two decades, they have been adopting the production of exportable species and making the farming activities more consumer-oriented, environment-friendly and economically viable.

Vietnam Aquaculture Market Trends:

In 2018, Vietnam adopted the plan to develop its brackish shrimp industry till 2030 with an aim to improve production, productivity and the commercial value of the products. The production volume is expected to reach nearly 1.3 million tons with a shrimp farming area of approximately 750,000 hectares. Besides, the Nha Trang University of Vietnam and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently opened a new Regional Centre of Excellence in Vietnam. The center serves as a hub for aquaculture and fisheries in minimally developed countries across Asia and Africa.

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However, due to excessive dependence on coastal resources and growing environmental concerns, nearly forty districts across eight provinces in Vietnam have started using an inter-sectional planning tool to manage fisheries better. Owing to the trends mentioned above, the market volume is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.2% during 2019-2024, exceeding 5 Million Tons by 2024.

Table of Contents

1   Preface
2   Scope and Methodology

2.1    Objectives of the Study
2.2    Stakeholders
2.3    Data Sources
2.3.1    Primary Sources
2.3.2    Secondary Sources
2.4    Market Estimation
2.4.1    Bottom-Up Approach
2.4.2    Top-Down Approach
2.5    Forecasting Methodology
3   Executive Summary
4   Introduction

4.1    Overview
4.2    Key Industry Trends
5   Vietnam Aquaculture Market
5.1    Market Overview
5.2    Market Performance
5.2.1    Volume Trends
5.2.2    Value Trends
5.3    Market Breakup by Product Type
5.4    Market Breakup by Environment
5.5    Market Breakup by Distribution Channel
5.6    Market Breakup by Region
5.7    Market Forecast
5.8    SWOT Analysis
5.8.1    Overview
5.8.2    Strengths
5.8.3    Weaknesses
5.8.4    Opportunities
5.8.5    Threats
5.9    Value Chain Analysis
5.9.1    Overview
5.9.2    Raw Material Procurement
5.9.3    Primary Processing
5.9.4    Large Scale Industrial Processing
5.9.5    Packaging and Export
5.9.6    Distribution
5.9.7    End-Use
5.10    Porters Five Forces Analysis
5.10.1    Overview
5.10.2    Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.10.3    Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.10.4    Degree of Competition
5.10.5    Threat of New Entrants
5.10.6    Threat of Substitutes
5.11    Price Analysis
5.11.1   Key Price Indicators
5.11.2    Price Structure
5.11.3    Margin Analysis
5.12    Key Success and Risk Factors
6   Market Breakup by Product Type
6.1    Freshwater Fish
6.1.1    Market Performance
6.1.2    Market Forecast
6.2    Crustaceans
6.2.1    Market Performance
6.2.2    Market Forecast
6.3    Mollusks
6.3.1    Market Performance
6.3.2    Market Forecast
6.4    Others
6.4.1    Market Performance
6.4.2    Market Forecast
7   Market Breakup by Environment
7.1    Fresh Water
7.1.1    Market Performance
7.1.2    Market Forecast
7.2    Brackish Water
7.2.1    Market Performance
7.2.2    Market Forecast
7.3    Marine Water
7.3.1    Market Performance
7.3.2    Market Forecast
8   Market Breakup by Distribution Channel
8.1    Traditional Retail
8.1.1    Market Performance
8.1.2    Market Forecast
8.2    Specialised Retailers
8.2.1    Market Performance
8.2.2    Market Forecast
8.3    Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
8.3.1    Market Performance
8.3.2    Market Forecast
8.4    Online Retailers
8.4.1    Market Performance
8.4.2    Market Forecast
8.5    Others
8.5.1    Market Performance
8.5.2    Market Forecast
9   Market Break up by Region
9.1    Southern Region
9.1.1    Market Performance
9.1.2    Market Forecast
9.2    Northern Region
9.2.1    Market Performance
9.2.2    Market Forecast
9.3    Central Region
9.3.1    Market Performance
9.3.2    Market Forecast
10  Competitive Landscape
10.1    Market Structure
10.2    Key Players
11  Key Player Profiles
11.1    Ca Mau Seafood Processing & Service Joint Stock Corporation
11.2    Hung Vuong Corporation
11.3    Minh Phu seafood corporation
11.4    Vinh Hoan corporation
11.5    Quoc Viet seafood
11.6    Dong Nam Seafood
11.7    Phuong Dong Seafood
11.8    Ngoc Sinh seafood
11.9    SOC Trang Seafood Joint Stock Company
11.10    Thuan Hung Fisheries Company Ltd

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