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Special ones deserve special gifts. There’s good chance for a ready-made set of free MiniTool backup program giveaway on GOTD (known as Giveaway of the Day) and more collections that will allow you to take care of your files and computer securities. Browse what product set the developer offers and find a free premium software for completely free of charge!

Each set consists of several matching products that, when used together, bring even better results. GOTD has been helping in choosing the right products or sets. An additional offer is that the price of the products in the bundle is lower than when buying the same products separately. The MiniTool Bundle is elegantly packaged on request, as a special spring offer!

Do you know who you want to give but do not know what to choose? Or maybe you want a loved one to choose the product that suits you best?

MiniTool ShadowMaker Pro 3.2

A free giveaway is the perfect gift when you are not sure which product to choose.

To meet the growing market demands, MiniTool is constantly expanding their product range, introducing new products, new packaging, new comprehensive solutions in the field of data security and videos. In this time GOTD giveaway is a premium product – MiniTool ShadowMaker Pro 3.2. As the campaign has already been online over 20 hours ago, it’s only some 2 hours for participants to claim a free license key.

The version gives you full freedom in terms of all its elite features, functions and any possible future versions that may unfold within 1 year. We are convinced that every participate will find a gift set in line with more GOTD giveaways, in case of doubt we will be happy to advise you and suggest what gift set to choose. Grasp the last chance while you are still able to.

To learn more, check out the page up to date that still available.