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Millions of candidates across the world get a chance daily to prove that the materials they’ve been studying worked for them. It’s truethat any exam, especially in IT, like Microsoft 70-487, brings moments of anxiety and even panic for some people. So, it’s understandable when this happens, butwhat should candidates do to reduce stress and face their exams with confidence? 

Let’s find out about this in the post while also learning the test details and the study tips and revision tactics you can apply to pass it.

Important Technicalities of Exam 70-487

This Microsoft test is designed for those candidates who would like to become proficient in developing Azure web services in Microsoft. Moreover, this exam eventually leads them to the MCSD: App Builder credential acquisition with two other tests to gain the badge, 70-357 and 70-480. Importantly, test applicants should also gain any of two badges like MCSA: Universal Windows Platform, or MCSA: Web Application to become eligible for 70-487 test.

Hence, applicants will be using Microsoft’s 2017 Visual Studio as well as the Core Framework for Microsoft.NET in designing and developing solutions for the web. 

The special areas to master include data access, how to use entity framework to perform query and manipulation of data, and how to use web API services in data creation and consumption. Other important domains include knowledge of web services design and implementation, and deployment of apps and services for the web.

In detail, the Microsoft 70-487 test has 40-60 exam questions with a completion time of 2 hours. These items include different formats like active screen, review screen, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, drag-and-drop, and more. You’ll need 700 points and above, up to 1000, to get certified. The test cost is $165.

Simple Study Tips and Revision Tactics to Pass Exam 70-487

Looking at a broader picture, acquiring the needed exam skills and mastering relevant topics requires concentrated effort and patience. You’ll need sound tricks to help you go through exam 70-487 topics and understand them in depth. Here are the hints you can use to help yourself in the exam revision.

  1. Understand 70-487 Test Objectives

This should be the goal of every exam candidate. The test validates your mastery of various technical aspects, and it’s critical that you exhaustively master them. This Microsoft exam tests your app developer skills, thus making it important for you to go through all the topics, one by one, as you study. Don’t ignore any of the aspects since you never know where the exam questions might come from. 

To enhance your understanding of the exam concepts, it’s advisable that you take notes, especially handwritten ones. This is crucial when you wish to refer to what you’ve studied before. By putting on your notes by hand, you’ll also allow information to stick to your memory making it possible to easily recall the knowledge when needed.

  1. Organize Your Learning Space

Further, get rid of unnecessary objects from your study room thus creating a comfortable and inspiring place for learning. Study in silence or turn on some background music. This will help you focus on what you’re doing while organizing the materials you’ll be using for your revision in a smart way, without browsing through all the items to get the needed one.

  1. Learn with Study Courses

Genuine study courses are created by experienced people with upper-level knowledge in exam objectives. Herewith, ensure to get reliable courses that focus on the exact things the test is going to validate you in. Here, you can enrollin the instructor-led course in Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services Jump Start or the self-paced video learning track in Developing Windows Azure and Web Services, depending on your preparation needs.

Like this, exam 70-487 video courses are great as they allow you to study at your own speed and even rewind the clips to review topics you haven’t grasped.

  1. Create Flashcards

Well, consider using flashcards in your preparation for the certification exam. Designing flashcards is one of the best practical tools as they help you memorize definitions, key concepts, formulas, and quotes, also making it possible for you to study on the go as they’re easy to carry around. 

  1. Practice on What You Learn with ExamSnap

Valuable practicing helps you know the progress of topics covered by the test. The best way to train efficiently is by using exam dumps, which include actual tests’ questions and answers allowing to check your level of understanding. These files are set just like the real exam. 

This means you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the actual test, for instance, with the ExamSnap website which is a great place to get the best exam dumps for your 70-487 test. 

Choose the reliable exam dumps out of 70-487 Premium Bundle or, otherwise, download free dumps for the test accessed through the great VCE Player! You can combine these great exam practice tools with a video training course accessible on thesite.

  1. Take Regular Breaks During Your Studies

It goes without saying that you’ll need valid breaks to refresh and relax. Continuous studying without intermissions is detrimental for your mind and may even lower the performance in the exam as the concentration will go down. It means thatyour brain needs to progressively absorb what you’ve studied, and to this end, you should rest regularly.

  1. Take Enough Rest Night Before Exam and Stay Calm

Coming to an end, you wouldn’t want to be fatigued while taking your Microsoft exam 70-487, would you? A good night relaxation ensures you’re fresh and alert the next day during the test. It enables you to focus and concentrate on reading and answering exam questions correctly and accurately.

Take your time to read the exam regulations and so, to know exactly what’s expected of you. It’s also important that you relax and take your exam with confidence and without panicking. 

Anxiety makes applicants worry too much on whether they’re going to pass or fail the assessment. So, try to relax, read each question carefully, and answer it accurately. This is the only way you can achieve the passing score in exam 70-487.


The secret of winning your Microsoft exam 70-487 is how you approach it. By preparing for it properly, you eliminate worry and anxiety at the test since you’ll be able to read and understand the items well. It also helps you recall what you previously learned, hence, take carefully the above study tips and revision tactics and gain the prolific knowledge to earn your MCSD: App Builder badge with exam dumps!