Coughing, sneezing and affected by an achy breaky physique? Whereas having the flu is the worst, right here is a bit of wonderful data you’ll take to mattress with you: You’ll not endure from a cold concurrently.

That’s the conclusion of a model new analysis that analyzed viral examine outcomes of larger than 44,000 victims in Glasgow, Scotland, between 2005 and 2013. The analysis was revealed Monday throughout the journal for the Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences.

“It was clear that flu and rhinovirus — which causes the widespread chillywork collectively in a hostile method,” talked about analysis creator Dr. Pablo Murcia of the School of Glasgow Centre for Virus Evaluation. “When there’s various flu throughout the inhabitants, there’s little rhinovirus, and vice versa.”

The discovering could make clear why colds and flu are inclined to have utterly totally different seasonal peaks, which can be repeated statistically yearly, talked about lead creator Sema Nickbakhsh, a postdoctoral evaluation affiliate at Glasgow School‘s Centre for Virus Evaluation.

“The chilly virus declines on the time that flu peaks each winter, and that happens every single yr,” Nickbakhshs talked about, together with that chilly viruses are inclined to peak throughout the spring and autumn when flu declines.

Each particular person throughout the analysis was examined for 11 utterly totally different chilly and flu viruses, thus allowing researchers to level out the affiliation occurred on every an individual “host” stage and the broader inhabitants stage as properly.

It is rather fascinating if true,” talked about Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in Vanderbilt School‘s Division of Infectious Diseases.

I imagine what they’re saying is virus major initiates an inflammatory response which then acts as a barrier to the second virus,” Schaffner talked about. “I imagine there are moreover some information to counsel that’s two viruses cannot concurrently infect the similar cell.”